Viscoelastic Anti-corrosion Tape

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Viscoelastic Anti-corrosion Tape


Viscoelastic Anti-corrosion Tape


The tape has excellent properties of VISCO-ELASTICITY and COLD-FLOW technology. It will not solidify. The raw material of the tape is imported from Germany with reliable quality and excellent properties.


  1. The tape has excellent adhesion ability, can be attached to the surface of a variety of substrates, including steel, PE and cement etc.
  2. The tape will not solidify.
  3. The tape can be used within the temperature range of -40℃~90℃ in the long run.
  4. The tape can be applied together with external protection band (e.g PVC outwrap tape). It is easy to install.


The corrosion protection of welds, flanges, valves, buried shaped structures.

  1. Tape Thickness: ≥ 1.5/ 1.8 mm
  2. Application Temperature: 10℃~40℃
  3. Service Temperature: -40℃~70℃ (90℃ H.T. Version)
  4. Peel Strength (23℃, to steel): ≥5 N/cm, Coverage ≥ 95%
  5. Volume Resistivity: ≥ 10¹ºΩ.m²
  6. Dripping Test (85℃, 72h): No Dripping
  7. Chemical Resistance (23℃, 90d) (10%NaOH, 3% NaCl, 10% HCl): No Bubble, No Peel


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