Cold Shrink Self-fusion Tape

Cold Shrink Self-fusion Tape


Cold Shrink Self-fusion Tape


It is used for the corrosion protection on small diameter pipes, elbows, steel-plastic converters, threaded connectors and through-wall pipes.


  1. Seal-fusion.
  2. Cold elasticity.
  3. Seal-sealing.
  4. Excellent weather fastness.
  5. The tape is applied by cold wrapping. It is good to be used on shaped structures, converters. It is very easy to install.


  1. Tape Thickness: ≥ 1.0 mm
  2. Application Temperature: 10℃~40℃
  3. Service Temperature: -35℃~70℃
  4. Peel Strength (23℃, to steel): ≥5 N/cm
  5. Volume Resistivity: ≥ 3×10¹³Ω.m²
  6. Salt Mist Test (500h), Tape+ Polyurea: No Rust, No Peel, No Bubble
  7. UV Resistance Test (600h), Tape+ Polyurea: Retention rate of breaking elongation 100%. Retention rate of tensile strength ≥85%.


  1. A salt mist test of 500h is equivalent to ambient exposure of 20 years.
  2. An UV resistance test of 600h is equivalent to ambient exposure of 25 years.



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